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ESOP delegate meeting June 2016

45 ESOP and Delegates from 23 different countries came together to discuss and decide the future of the ESOP at the annual Delegate Meeting at the ECOP 2016 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

World Cancer day 2016:
Cancer patients can be assured of support by oncology pharmacists.

The European Society for Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) was founded in 2000 and is acting as member of the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO).

Our members are involved in many different ways in prevention of cancer, therapy and follow-up care, administration of drugs, management of side effects and interactions, clinical research, and the provision of further training and continuing education for pharmacists joining the profession. All these activities are guided by the needs of the patient and embedded in optimum all-round pharmaceutical care and counseling for people with cancer, regardless of the organisational structure in which our members work.

We unreservedly reject unfair and unlawful practices serving purely commercial interests which disregard both the interests of the patient and the professional ethics of the pharmacist. Foundation of our knowledge is based on evidence based medicine together with our ethical commitment to the principle of patient wellbeing it makes strong input in improvement of treatment efficiency in oncology patient.

The political challenge here is to improve interprofessional relationships in the health service and draw regularly on the expertise of oncology pharmacists to ensure that patients receive the best possible advice and that the safety of drugs used in therapy meets the highest standards. Cancer outpatients in particular require comprehensive care on a regional basis along with counseling on the use of drugs and possible problems that may arise in conjunction with their medication. The European funding program to improve adherence in oncology, that is supported by the ESOP, is an important milestone in the therapeutic support of patients by pharmacists.

We believe it is essential to improve patient compliance and adherence, drug and therapy security, and personal pharmaceutical care in order to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients. For the sake of the patient, it is crucial to involve multidisciplinary team to work together in the field of oncology and to do it in close contact with the patient.

Just at the world cancer day, it is particularly important to us, to call our members to step up efforts in order to meet our goal.

Cancer patients must have the right, wherever they live in this world, to get the best possible healthcare service.

The board of directors of ESOP

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ESOP delegate meeting January 2016
Per Hartvig
Man formed jars from wet clay,
But the emptiness in them allows the filling of jars
Man nutmegs doors and windows made of wood,
But the emptiness in them makes the house habitable.
So what is visible is indeed useful,
but the essential remains invisible.


Now our friend and colleague Per has passed away.
We lack that what he was doing and what he was.
Without him we would not be so experienced.
Without him, many things would not have been thought and done.
Forever he will remain in our midst.

Interview with Klaus Meier
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9th Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy Basic & Intermediate and 2nd ESOP-ESO Advanced Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy 2015 Strasbourg/France
Klaus Meier Award 2015
-Louis Denis-

In grateful appreciation of his success in creating and nurturing community relationship, of his academic contribution, of his continuous support, and in recognition of his passion and tireless efforts dedicated to Oncology Pharmacy and ESOP.
In memory
Stefano Federici, our colleague from Milan, has left us tragically and suddenly leaving us with dismay and pain. I would like to remember this unfortunate, dearest friend and colleague to all the people who have known his contagious enthusiasm , his explosive vitality, his warmth and generosity in everything he did . Stefano was the head of the pharmacy of the National Cancer Institute in Milan. He worked untiringly to promote oncology pharmacy in Italy. All of us and particularly young colleagues must show him gratitude for the passion he put into his activities. He leaves a great wealth for everybody. We will continue his work with more and more determination. To his family all our sincere sympathy.

Franca and all ESOP’s friends
Meeting in Brussels
ESOP- EU collaboration has continued further with a meeting with Dr. Vytenis Andriukaitis on the 9th July in Brussels. Birute Varanaviciene (Lithuania), Klaus Meier (Germany) and Fiona Fenech (Malta) attended the meeting. All ESOP activities were discussed with the EU Commissioner renewing his interest to collaborate further with ESOP.
DGOP/ESOP meets HOPA at the 11th HOPA meeting 2015 Austin, Texas
From left to right: K.Meier, Sarah L. Scarpace (President elect), Scott Soetje, President, Michael Vozniak (past president), Eva-Maria Schöning
23. NZW – Specialist Conference of Oncology Pharmacy in Hamburg –
23. – 25. January 2015
Since 1993, the NZW takes place in Hamburg..The NZW is aimed at pharmacists, PTA`s, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and other pharmaceutical professions.
ESOP delegate meeting was held on 22nd afternoon and 23rd of January with 62 participants from 34 countries. At meeting each delegate presented current activities and situation regarding oncology pharmacy in their county. Public sessions followed after delegate meetings.

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8th Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy Basic & Intermediate 2014 Istanbul/Turkey
8th Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy Basic & Intermediate 2014 Istanbul/Turkey was completed with great success. ESOP's the most important education activity was held at 03-07th of October. 46 attendees from 18 different countries including not only from Europe but also from Asia, Africa & MEA. ESOP Scientific Committee and Turkish Oncology Pharmacy Association Organisation Committee had done a fantastic work preparing MC2014 ISTANBUL. As ESOP Board, we would like to thank them for their energy, competence and professionalism during the education. 8th MC2014 ISTANBUL was certainly a special occasion for those who work for development of Oncology Pharmacy, in education research and professional development. It was an occasion to meet, to listen, to discuss, to share information and to plan for the future. We believe they 8th MC2014 ISTANBUL was a very fruitful organisation to promote Oncology Pharmacy at the European level and also to establish personal contacts with colleagues from other parts of the world.
2nd European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy (ECOP) 26th – 28th June 2014
Here you can download the lectures.

Here you can download the ECOP 2 Daily News.
ESOP delegate meeting January 2014
25 countries have diuscussed the future activities of ESOP. New chairs have been elected and the affiliation of Ethiopia was agreed. The next few month all activities will be focus to make the ECOP 2 meeting in Krakow successful and to strength the practical local activities of all ESOP members.
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