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20. - 21. Feb. 2018
The EFGCP Annual Conference 2018 on Compliance, Complexity & Collaboration: Proposals for System Re-design to Master the Human Factor & Risk Management - Renaissance Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

Medical research and development of drugs is the research environment has become increasingly complex to navigate while facing ever-changing global regulations and guidance. While technological developments can help us to manage complexity and improve compliance, they come with their own challenges and there is still much to be done on the third vital element: the “Human Factor” in clinical research.

EFGCP is therefore dedicating the 2018 Annual Conference to the consideration of challenges we all face, while identifying strategies with which to keep our research compliant and efficient. Though we may compete with each other, our interests in furthering clinical development are held in common. We can all gain from collaboration. Working in a corner is no longer pragmatic for any of us: mutually beneficial collaboration is the only way to succeed.

This conference is known for describing and defining challenges, while deliberating creative solutions. The conference includes Plenary Sessions to discuss systematic approaches as well as Workshops which have been found highly effective in identifying real-world solutions.

The objectives of this conference are:
  • Learning from each other: major stakeholders from the sector will be sitting around the table (researchers, sponsors, competent authorities, patients, ethicists, pharma industry)
  • Sharing challenges
  • Optimising our research strategies to achieve trial outcomes acceptable from all viewpoints
Our motto: where science and ethics meet.
So, join us for this unique conference to gain knowledge and network with peers!

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23. - 25. Feb. 2018
National Conference of Oncology Pharmacy - Sofia, Bulgaria

9.-10. March 2018
11th BOPP-days Floréal /Blankenberge - Belgium

18-21 March 2018
3er Pharmacist Day in Annual EBMT Meeting. Lisbon - Spain

21. - 23. March 2018
23rd Congress of the EAHP, Gothenburg, Sweden

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23 March 2018
Seminar - Macedonia

23rd to 24th March 2018
Biossimilars Conference - Portugese

April 2018
Young society meeting - Austria

University of Szeged: Classical Pharmacy Knowledge 2018. - Oncology: Pharmacy Tasks for Oral Chemotherapy –- Budapest, Péterfy Sándor utcai Hospital and Clinic - Hungary

11. - 13. Apr. 2018
XVII International Symposium on Oncology Pharmacy Practice (ISOPP 2018), Shanghai, China
The International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP) presents ISOPP 2018, April 11-13, and one day Masterclass, April 14, at the Kerry Hotel Pudong in Shanghai, China. The local host is the Shanghai Anti-Cancer Association.

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LIII. ”Mátyás Rozsnyay” Memorial Competition - for young pharmacists,– Eger - Hungary

Symposia for Hospital Pharmacists,– Eger - Hungary

Symposia for Hospital Pharmacists,– Eger - Hungary

May 16-18 2018
42nd Brno oncology days – Oncology Pharmacy Session - Czech Republic

27-28th May 2018
11st Oncology Conference - Portuguese

June 2018
Session of oncological pharmacy, Prague - Czech Republic

10. NZW Dresden (oncological pharmaceutical Congress in Dresden - Germany

22. - 24. June 2018
National Master class of oncology pharmacy - Bulgaria

5. Oral Cancer Therapie Symposium in Köln - Germany

Specialised training of members of the working group on current oncological therapies at the National Oncology Institute, presentation of the new-built, world-class Radiotherapy Center (Cyber Knife). Budapest, National Institute of Oncology, - Hungary

October 2018
Congress of clinical pharmacy- Oncology Pharmacy Lectures, Prague - Czech Republic

2-3 October 2018

25th - 27th October 2018
ECCO 2018, European Cancer Summit, 7. - 9. September 2018 in Vienna, Austria,

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25th - 27th October 2018
4th ECOP (European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy) Nantes, France

November 2018
Congress of hospital pharmacists- Oncology Pharmacy Session , Hradec Králové - Czech Republic

November 2018
8th Turkish Oncology Pharmacy Congress - Turkey

November 2018
Young society meeting - Austria

8-10 Nov. 2018
SEFH congress, Palma de Mallorca - Spain

21st to 24th November 2018
National Congress ,Estoril, Lisbon - Portuguese