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Dear colleagues

Regarding two points we would like to inform you:

1. ECOP 3

Time goes bye and the companies are preparing her budgets for 2016.
If not now when then to implement the support for ECOP 3?

When the budgets are closed it will be much more difficult to win them to support you and your colleagues.

Please understand our issues as support for your own activities.

Each country delegate is required to provide the following information at country level regarding ECOP3:

  • an update on how promoting ECOP3
  • how supporting people to attend ECOP3
  • whether as national societies encouraging and collecting members to present posters at ECOP3
  • identifying members who require education grants supported by national societies to attend ECOP3- a scientific report is to be provided to be considered for an educational grant
  • whether provided ESOP with emails of drug companies to participate at ECOP3/ willing to support ECOP3- previous response received from country level was poor. Each country is to send the email of relevant drug companies so that the ESOP membership can than contact the company.
  • whether contacted companies for scientific support to help more members participate at ECOP3 and answer/s received

Please send the information about your country to the ESOP membership service (membershipservice@esop.li)

EPAD 2015 (European Prostate Awareness Day):
Increasing Male Life Expectancy

For your interest a program (download») and preamble (download») of the strategic event in the European Parliament next September 16, 2015.

Louis Denis (Strategic Consultant Europa Uomo) would be delighted if ESOP would like to send some representatives (max.100 participants are allowed) as they count on our support for 2016.

Please send a message to the ESOP membership service (membershipservice@esop.li) if you are interested.

With best regards,

Fiona Fenech
ESOP Secretary

c/o DGOP e.V.
Veritaskai 6
21079 Hamburg