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EPIC survey of oral anticancer drug dispensing and counselling

(based on Abbott et al.)

EPIC (Empowering Pharmacists to improve health care for oral chemotherapy patients: Establishment of a European best-practice model) is an international project carried out by ESOP, DGOP, LZS and EHAS, and supported by the European Commission. The goals of the project are to improve the quality of oncology patient counselling by pharmacists, to improve patient understanding of their pharmacotherapy and consequently to enhance adherence. To this end, the project aims at the establishment of a best practice model and makes it available for other interested organizations and countries.
A central part of the project is to survey the current situation of and problems with dispensing oral anticancer drugs.
To obtain information from pharmacists in order to evaluate whether there is a need to provide additional education, safety data and educational resources regarding oral anti-cancer therapy agents.

Guarantee of confidentiality
This survey is completely voluntary. Access to this data will be limited to designated individuals within the EPIC working group. Each individual completing this survey is held anonymous.

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