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ESOP continues to lead the development of oncology pharmacy in Europe and many parts of the world. At the same time, ESOP events show that the work and collaborations in different parts of the world are continuing. ESOP representation in Duphat conference, Masterclass SFPO 'stability studies in oncology', Oncology pharmacy event in Chile, ESOP neighborhood day 2017 are the articles included in this newsletter.

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Yours, Eda Gedikoglu

Chair of Publication

ESOP representation in DUPHAT conference

The 22nd DUPHAT (Dubai International Pharmaceuticals and Technologies Conference and Exhibition) conference was held on 7-9th March 2017 in Dubai. DUPHAT has evolved to be one of the most important annual pharmaceutical event in the Middle East and North Africa region since 1995. However, several international societies and speakers from USA, Australia, Europe, Canada and Japan are also represented to present a large variety of topics required for the continuous development of the pharmaceutical field. Collaboration between DUPHAT and ESOP started in 2012 and since then different ESOP members have been invited to contribute in the conference.

This year ESOP was represented by Marika Saar (Estonia), member of ESOP Executive Board. She gave a lecture about impact of drug shortages to the cancer patient. Drug shortages are complex problems that affect all aspects of healthcare, including patients, health care professionals and health care providers. Drug shortages have increased significantly from early 2000s and have become common problem all over the world to cause increases in health care costs and compromised patient care.

Drug shortages may affect cancer patients care in several ways including treatment delay, treatment discontinuation, treatment failure, readmission due to treatment failure, increased length of hospitalization, increased patient monitoring, patient transferral to an institution with a supply of the needed medication, suboptimal treatment, and use of alternative medications. Moreover, medication errors may occur as physicians, nurses and pharmacists are not always familiar with substituted drug which was used due to the drug shortages.

Reported by: Marika Saar, Estonia

Masterclass SFPO 'Stability Studies in Oncology'

The 5th Masterclass 'Stability Studies in Oncology' was organized by the French Society of Oncology Pharmacy (SFPO) in Paris on 29-30th May,2017. This masterclass has received the accreditation for the training of hospital pharmacists (OGDPC). 23 hospital pharmacists attended to the meeting from France(20), Belgium(2) and Morocco(1).

At the end of the meeting an evaluation was performed with a questionnaire including 20 questions about chemistry in pharmacy, stability, analytical methods etc. The first was Thibaut Chouquet from the University Hospital of Armand Trousseau, Paris and the second was Marion Jobard from the University Hospital Paris Centre.

Also, these two participants were invited by the SFPO to attend to the next Masterclass in oncology organized by the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP).

Congratulations !

The sixth Masterclass will be organized in May or June 2018, Save the dates !!

Reported by: Jean Vigneron, France


'VII . Jornadas de Química y Farmacia Oncológica' took place in Viña del Mar (Chile) with 110 participants between June 9th and 11th on the 7th workday of oncological pharmacy. The event was organized by the "Capítulo Chileno de Químicos Farmacéuticos de Oncología (CCQFO)", which is currently part of The "Sociedad Chilena de Cancerología" and member of The European Society for Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP).

Immunotherapy was the main theme of this year . Dr. Sergio Quezada, head of the group of tumor immunotherapy and immune regulation of the University College London Cancer Institute, presented on the personalized therapies and immunotherapies, the foundation of the anti-PD-L1 therapy and on their use and implications in new treatment lines. In addition, we were honored by the presence of Dr. Osvaldo Aren who gave a lecture about the role of immunotherapy in cancer, and showed the scientific evidence on the drug atezolizumab.

Other topics were reviewed of the economic evaluation for decision of coverages in health care systems, an update on lung cancer and hematologics cancer, and shown the development of the clinical pharmacy in oncology, palliative care and the development of research on cancer in the Chile public and private health system, together with the Access to high-cost therapies.

The day was concluded with a dinner to celebrate the 17th anniversary of our scientific society and to welcome the 20 new members who join this year. The society has now 99 active members in Chile.

Reported by: Gustavo Espinoza, Chile


The first ESOP Neighbourhood Day took place on 10th of June 2017 in Dresden, Germany. The aim of this new ESOP activity is to promote the cooperative exchange between neighbouring countries and to make the participants aware of similar problems and new possible solutions to them due to different perspectives. This time, the participating countries were Germany, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic.
Each country invited two speakers who gave short lectures on topics ranging from basic research as potential new anti-cancer strategies and new ways of decontamination of cytostaticsto clinical issues as the specifics of administration of high dose methotrexate and strategies to enhance the adherence of patients to oral anticancer drugs.

In addition, updates on three of ESOP´s key projects (MASHA, EPIC and "Educational Project Biosimilars") were given.

As the lively discussions after the lectures showed, the concept of this new ESOP activity was very well received.

The entire program can be viewed via the following link:


Reported by: Martin Munz, Austria

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