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Dear colleagues

thanks to our chairs Lukasz and Doris, as well as supported by Bruce and Jeff we are proud to inform you by our newsletter about our present activities.
For all those have not been able to attend the EU-NZW meeting in Hamburg we are publishing the presentations who have been made.
Again a case report has been produced by Ahmet in order to engage you to report on the ESOP page your own experiences. For all who will answer the questions after the CPD we will send an certificate with a CME point.

Finally we like to engage you and your colleagues to support the ECOP in September by sending an abstract with chance to get an invitation grant.

The invitation in 17 languages is ready to be used.
In short time or Publication chairs will come back to you with more news.

Until then, take care
Klaus Meier

Report from Mag. Doris Haider

This session brought well experienced ESOP Members  and ”ESOPS Youngsters” together and  found room to inform about ongoing projects, presenting results of scientific like projects and asking for input and collaboration of ongoing projects that need our help substantially.
You can find all Downloads on www.ifahs.org/downloads_de.php.

- A main goal for all of us this year will be the organization and our personnel presence at ECOP Congress in Budapest (see presentation Andrea Eberl).
Download the article

- Kristian Kongi showed us the already achieved success of our Project YELLOW HAND, but also reminds us that we are still in working process.
Download the article
- Who wants to do without Quapos 4?- I would, because with a little help we all can support Hannelore Kreckel to launch the new Version Quapos 5
Download the article
(give her written support through hk@dgop.org.
- A very structured and clear presentation of Monique Ackermann on an Extravasation Databank impressed me a lot. Monique keep on going!
Download the article
- In the short presentation of Ludwig Metz on the Spill Kit Training tool, we got a very fruitful discussion that showed both Mr. Metz and us that things like a Spill kit tool, used for years with success, can get improvement just through 10 minutes brainstorming!
Download the article
- Besides the Clean Working Tool Kit (Klaus Meier) Download the article and
Ewelina Korczowska for monitoring the clean workplace Download the article ,
we were happy to have Micheal Höckel with us who will never stop us to remind that the center of all our efforts is the patient Download the article ,
also some ambitious projects from Czech “Uridine Ointment in Hand and Footsyndrome” showed us that with all our variety, we are on the right way. Download the article

Basis of knowledge is education and so Croations Summ Up of Masterclasss 2011 gave us future motivation for next masterclass to come in Vienna from 26.-30.11.2012!
Download the article.

Dear members my reminders, messages and thoughts will reach you in future on regular terms, this needs YOUR SUPPORT and INPUT!

Whilst waiting for next information I think there is a very important thing to do:

Please get your ECOP Abstracts ready: Deadline is 30th April 2012!


Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the first  European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy (ECOP), promoting the highest standards of pharmaceutical care in the management and support of patients with tumours.

The latest advances in research and practice are being showcased in keynote lectures, scientific symposia and poster sessions in two distinct tracks, clinical and practical. ECOP 2012 offers a tremendous opportunity for exchange and debate  in the united European platform for oncology pharmacists (2 500 ESOP members)  and oncology physicians.

This conference will be held  in the time-honoured city on the river Danube, Budapest, Hungary 27-29 September 2012.

To find the invitation to ECOP in your language, please click at the flag!


We invite you to learn a next case report. You can find it on  www.esop.li/casereports.php or you can download it here.
Again we ask you to describe an interesting situation from your job. If you have other case reports do not hesitate to contact with Lukasz Lapinski (ll@esop.li).

We are preparing an accreditation procedure. Please try to answer the included question in order to receive your certificate.
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