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Dear Members,

In preparation of ECOP it is time to introduce and support our organisation Committee for ECOP.

Everybody doing promotion from a different perspective to show their efforts and get to know them from a closer look – Motivation is what they have in common.

People active in the Committee for ECOP are: Andreja Eberl, Monika Kis Szölgyémi, Mikael Daouphars, Monika Sonc, Alexandra Bartal, Camille Groos and Anja Gaertner.

Let’s get together and meet each other!

If you have additional questions – feel free,

Co-Chair of Publication

Guess who I had Coffee with yesterday?

Andreja Eberl from Slovenia, who is member of the organisation Committee for ECOP. Her fellow workers are: Monika Kis Szölgyémi, Mikael Daouphars (chair scientific program committee), Monika Sonc, Alexandra Bartal, Camille Groos and Anja Gaertner

Andreja can you tell us a little but about the structure of ECOP?

We are working on the ECOP conference with a goal to offer a high quality scientific education and to update the participants with the latest advances in research, patient management and practice. We are trying to attract colleagues from different fields of oncology. (Mikael will prepare the details about the scientific program)….
We share the opinion, that networking and meeting colleagues is also important for everyday work. There will be a lot opportunities for informal discussion at the social evening event and also exhibition will be organized.

What is your main work at the moment?

At the moment we are finalizing the conference from the organizational point of view, we are preparing future e-blasts together with ECCO to promote the conference. There are also commercial activities going on and we are actively monitoring the abstract submission and registration.

Do you need support – in which way?

A local support in the countries is always welcome in order to ensure, that the participants are informed about the conference. Otherwise I would really like to encourage all oncology pharmacists to act proactivity and submit as many abstract as possible to share the advances with others.

Thanks Andreja for your dedicated commitment in organisation of ECOP and sharing your thoughts with us!

Next coffee will be in Vienna –
my pleasure.

Foto: istockfoto.com/Pawel Gaul