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Dear Members,

In preparation of ECOP it is time to introduce and support our organisation Committee for ECOP.

Everybody doing promotion from a different perspective to show their efforts and get to know them from a closer look – Motivation is what they have in common.

People active in the Committee for ECOP are: Andreja Eberl, Monika Kis Szölgyémi, Mikael Daouphars, Monika Sonc, Alexandra Bartal, Camille Groos and Anja Gaertner.

Mikael Daouphars is the next one who will be open for my question and additionally he invited me for Breakfast, he will give us a closer look to his scientific work for ECOP.

Let’s get together and meet each other!

If you have additional questions – feel free,

Co-Chair of Publication

Doris Haider introduces Mikael Daouphars

Sometimes scientific people seem a little bit boring – you seem to be pretty normal: Laughing, joking – what distinguishes you from other Scientists?,

Thank you Doris for considering me as a normal person (laughs)! Well, science is a way to satisfy my curiosity. And maybe that working in cancer care for many years makes you aware that life is too short to be boring. .

What is your main work at the moment?

The scientific committee has received a lot of abstracts from European colleagues, but also from Canada or China. This is a great satisfaction and shows a great interest for ECOP. So the scientific committee has now to rate these abstracts, and finally decide those which deserve an oral communication.

What is the difference between other scientific conferences and ECOP?

ECOP is a specialized meeting dedicated to oncology pharmacy. That means the audience will share many interests. However, unlike other meetings that may only focus on technical issues, ECOP will deal with practical along with clinical matters, which include patients’ point of view.

“My Boss” thinks that there is no need to go to a European congress, the nationwide meeting is always enough, how can I convince him of ECOP?

European oncology pharmacists face many common issues, whether it concerns access to expensive drugs, evolving roles of pharmacists or patient education. However experiences and solutions are different from one country to another: attending a European congress like ECOP is a major opportunity to share these experiences between colleagues and implement some in your own country. Difference is a wealth.

Do you need any support in your ECOP work – in which way?

Well, I encourage all our colleagues to save the date and to attend ECOP. Any advertisement to other healthcare professionals and Industry Support is also welcome!

Thanks MIKAEL for that wonderful morning – are you ready to start a great day? –For sure!

Doris Haider
Co-Chair of Publication

*The opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and are not necessarily reflective of those of the publisher.

Foto: istockfoto.com/Pawel Gaul