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7th Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy
21 25 October 2013 Dresden, Germany

The Masterclass BASIC and INTERMEDIATE offers fundamental and advanced knowledge to pharmacists working in the field of oncology, both for their pharmacy preparatory work and for providing adequate care and support to cancer patients.

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Two Participants at Masterclass 2012 in Vienna love to share their experiences with you:

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ESOP- ESO ADVANCED Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy:
21 25 October 2013 Dresden, Germany

15 Oncology Pharmacists from all over Europe did already register and they are waiting for others they can collaborate with in the future, like YOU!

The ADVANCED Masterclass is tailored for experienced cancer service pharmacists who would like to enhance their knowledge in specific or specialized areas. It is highly recommended that participants have attended both the Basic and the Intermediate Masterclass and have already acquired substantial professional experience as a pharmacist specialized in oncology.

So participants should have at least 2 years' experience in oncology pharmacy.

The Advanced Masterclass will be mainly based on clinical cases covering the majority of diseases and pharmaceutical cases which can occur in the clinical setting. Some cases will be focused on less common cancer entities such as haematological malignancies, paediatric cancer, cancer of geriatric patients, treatment of patients with organ dysfunctions (renal, liver, cardiac, etc.) and rare cancers.

  • After this Advanced Masterclass you should be able
  • to actively participate with the medical team to the initial management of a cancer patient whatever the tumor location, i.e. definition of the best chemotherapy and the appropriate support treatment, especially based on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenetics considerations
  • To furnish to medical team and nurses all relevant information about new anticancer treatments, their administration and side-effects with a specific concern on pharmaceutical problems such as stability issues
  • To manage the potential side-effects of the treatment by the definition of an appropriate prevention plan and their follow- up, especially for out-patients receiving oral anticancer therapies
  • To propose a relevant educational plan for the patient (and its family), related to its treatment, with particular focus on the prevention of drug/drug and drug/food interactions