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Dear members,

welcome to the latest edition of the membership online letter.

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ECOP Information

The information about The First European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy (ECOP) is on www.ecco-org.eu.
This Conference will be hold in Budapest (Hungary) between 27th and 29th September 2012.

The 6th Master Class
in Oncology Pharmacy Practice

The next Master Class will be hold in Vienna (Austria) between 26th and 30th November 2012.
Don’t miss an opportunity and join us.
More information at www.esop.li »

Lectures from 20th NZW in Hamburg

On the website www.ifahs.org/downloads_de.php you can find pdf-files from the lectures of the open session from the delegate meeting which held in Hamburg (German) in January 2012.


News from other countries

I am happy to invite you to learn next information from European countries. Now Turkey, Switzerland, Cyprus and the wonderful collaboration between Belgium and Malta. Here you can find information from our colleagues.

If you have interesting information describe this. We would like to put in this section new practical information, reports and events description.

Lukasz Lapinski

New publication in Turkey –
Antineoplastic Drug Preparation Techniques Hand Book

Turkish Oncology Pharmacists Association (TOPA) Board and Education Committee spent nearly on year for writing an Antineoplastic Drug Preparation Techniques Hand Book. Finally, they published it as an official publication of association.
More information on www.esop.li »

Seamless care between Belgium and Malta

ESOP provided the framework for seamless care across borders to ensure continuation of cancer patient care.
More information on www.esop.li »

Scientific activities of Swiss pharmacists

The two projects below are examples of the Swiss activities in the field of Oncology. The first one is an overview of surface contamination by cytotoxic drugs established in 24 voluntary Swiss hospital pharmacies. The second project shows a reduction in the number of medication errors of cancer treatments by combining of electronic prescription, standardization of processes and consultation by clinical pharmacists.
More information on www.esop.li »

Multiprofessional team in Cyprus health care

Multiprofessional team in supportive cancer care at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center.
A multiprofessional team brings together health care professionals specialists from many fields.
More information on www.esop.li »

Foto: istockfoto.com/Pawel Gaul