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Survey on Drug Shortage

Drug shortage is a huge and increasing problem. Pharmacies staff looses many hours on research about reasons for shortages or how to purchase drugs from other wholesalers or find therapeutic alternatives to avoid consequences for patients. Oncology pharmacists are in the position to first know about shortages and to start many actions to diminish damages of patients. So, Drug Shortage is also an opportunity for pharmacists to get more involved in patient care and drug management.
As Drug Shortage was one of the topics that was emphasized by the EU Commissioner, ESOP wants to know YOUR Experiences over the last year and kindly ask you to complete the Survey on Drug Shortage by

13th of September 2013:

Please follow the link to the survey »

Meeting with EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy
on 12th July 2013 in Brussels

The EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, Dr. Tonio Borg, together with Paula Duarte Gaspar (Member of Cabinet) and a representative for DG SANCO discussed hot topics with ESOP Representatives at Berlaymont, Brussels.

As the high incidence of cancer with one out of three people being affected with cancer was emphasised by the Commissioner, there was a focus on following topics:

  • Chemotherapy drug shortages and manufacturing to ensure continuity of patient treatment was a priority to be targeted.
  • The labelling of highly potent drugs (Yellow Hand) in transit

ESOP's Focus was:

  • The role of the pharmacist in both in the community and hospital setting in the early detection and referral of patients with a potential diagnosis of cancer
  • The ongoing work in different EU countries which includes training of oncology hospital and community pharmacists on dispensing of oral chemotherapy and pharmaceutical care
  • ECOP 2, The second European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy to be held from the 26-28th June in Poland, Krakow
  • ESOP has an important role within the European Union to ensure oncology hospital and community pharmacists are adequately trained, safe practices are adopted in the preparation of chemotherapy and cancer patients receive the best treatment.

ESOP representatives from left to right: Klaus Meier (ESOP President, Germany), Fiona Fenech (Liaison of ESOP with the EU Commission, Malta), Michael Daouphars (Chair for ESOP Scientific Committee, France)