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At the ECCO congress will be again a ESOP booth as in the last years before. It is important that much ESOP members will attend the ECCO congress, so that we can act stronglyin negotiations with the ECCO.

Please send confirmation to attend the ECCO Congress in Stockholm to Petra Janssen ( until 19th September 2011.

Please find below a statistcal chart from ECCO 15 – ESMO 34 – key data which we trust will demonstrate the relevance and importance of increasing your visibility and participation at the premier European cancer meeting:

ESOP “Yellow hand” was designed to help to raise the awareness of danger that may occur when transporting the cytotoxic drugs. Pharmacist are not the only ones who are dealing with hazardous drugs, “Yellow hand” should be an universal sign to all the people who will come to contact with cytotoxic drugs during transportation process. The usage of “Yellow hand” may differ by countries. With this questionnaire we would like to get an overview how is the situation between pharmacies and wholesalers/companies in our member countries.

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We invite you to learn user manual of case reports (…).The next case report will be published soon. If you have other case reports do not hesitate to contact with Lukasz Lapinski (

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Pharmacist in oncology –
Education meeting in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The educational meeting of the Section for hospital/clinical pharmacy of Bosnia & Herzegowina (B&H) named  „Pharmacist in oncology“ was held in Sarajevo on 16. April 2011.
Program of the meeting included following lectures:

  • Development of oncology pharmacy through forming of working groups within pharmaceutical societies of certain countries  (doc. dr. sci. ph. Vesna Pavlica, KBC „Sestre Milosrdnice“, Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Report on forming the working group for oncology pharmacy in B&H and the current situation in B&H (MPharm. Dubravka Aleksić-Jovanović, Clinical Centre Sarajevo, B&H)
  • ESOP and oncology pharmacy in the world and the Europe (MPharm. Klaus Meier, ESOP president, Germany)
  • Oncology pharmacy as a part of undergraduate program at Faculty of pharmacy, Zagreb (doc. dr.sci. ph. Vesna Pavlica, KBC „Sestre Milosrdnice“, Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Onkology pharmacy in the Great Britain (MSc pharm. Ljiljana Petrović, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, London, UK)
  • Oncology pharmacy as a part of postgraduate program: clinical pharmacy specialization –hospital pharmacy ( Prof. dr sci. med. Damir Vrbanec, KBC Rebro,Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Centralised preparation of cytotoxic drugs – experience from practice (MPharm. Višnja Kopecki, General Regional Hospital, Požega, Croatia) 
  • Legislation in B&H (Snježana Bodnaruk,   Sarajevo and   MPharm Jelena Medar , Banja Luka)
  • Legislation in the Europe and the world (doc. dr. sci. ph Vesna Pavlica KBC „Sestre Milosrdnice“, Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Round table: Continuing education in oncology pharmacy (Prof. dr sci. med. Damir Vrbanec, MPharm. Klaus  Meier,  MPharm. Enisa Salihefendić, MSc Pharm. Ljiljana Petrović, MSc Pharm. Tijana Marinković,  MPharm Dubravka Aleksić-Jovanović, doc. dr sci. Ph Vesna Pavlica )

Twenty seven hospital pharmacists attended the meeting, along with thirty one guests from other institutions among who were the representatives of the Ministry of health, the Health insurance funds, dean and professor from Faculty of Pharmacy, physician oncologists, as well as representatives of Agency for drugs and medical devices of B&H.
Just before the meeting started all participants from the hospitals were given ESOP questionnaires on current situation in oncology pharmacy in the B&H, which needed to be completed until the end of the day.
In the first part of the meeting the main topic was the oncology pharmacy in the B&H, the  Europe and the world and its development through working groups within pharmaceutical societies.
V. Pavlica presented the current situation in development and implementation of oncology pharmacy in South East European countries, and especially in the Croatia.
Based on reports from all hospitals in B&H, D. Aleksić presented the current situation and pointed out that the working group for oncology pharmacy consists of three delegates in ESOP, T. Marinković, D. Aleksić and A. Pečet.
The president of ESOP, K. Meier gave in his lecture the overview of oncology pharmacy  in the Europe and the world.
During the second part of the meeting participants had the opportunity to get familiar with implementing oncology pharmacy in undergraduate and postgraduate program at the university, as well as the specialist studies on which elaborated D. Vrbanec.
It was very useful to listen the lectures on experience from practicing oncology pharmacy in the UK and Croatia which were presented by Lj. Petrović and V. Kopecki and during which was pointed out the importance of centralizing the preparation of cytotoxic drugs in the hospitals, taking safety measures during preparation as well as great cost-saving opportunities when pharmacists are involved in the process.
Third part of the meeting consisted of lectures on legislation in B&H as well as the other European countries.

Tijana Marinković
The first delegate of B&H in the ESOP
Enisa Salihefendić
the President of the Section for hospital/clinical pharmacy of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Invitation to the 5th Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy
21-25 November 2011, Zagreb, Croatia

The European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) with a support of Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists invites you to the 5th Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy. The event will be held in Four Points by Sheraton Panorama hotel, in Zagreb, between 21st  and 25th November 2011.
Through various lectures and workshops, the Masterclass offers, fundamental and advanced knowledge to pharmacists working in the field of oncology, both for their pharmacy preparatory work and for providing adequate care and support to cancer patients.
Please check the detailed program of the Masterclass on the ESOP website

We are looking forward to welcoming you in CROATIA!

Since 2010 we have had a new structure of ESOP - Commitees. Unfortunately to the most of them belong only one person. Commitees must be a strong and powerfull network of people form different countries. More members allow us to work more hardly and effective. As a consequence the promotion of ESOP activity will we stronger and faster. Therefore we would like to invite to our committee.
Good wills are welcome to join the committee! Below you can find a short describtions of different committees.

Publication committee
Practice Committee
Research Committee
Scientific Committee
Organization committee
Education Committee

Please choose the commitee or the commitees you want to join and fill in the Contact form on .
Thank you!

As consultation regarding the correct administration of oral anticancer drugs has become a much discussed topic among pharmacists, we would like to find out about the current situation within the ESOP community.
If there is more than one suitable answer, please mark all of them.

You can find the online survey on .
The Survey will be open until 15th October 2011.

The Announcement for ECOP 2012 with selected Program Highlights is now available website at: /