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Dear Members,

In preparation of ECOP it is time to introduce and support our organisation Committee for ECOP.

Everybody doing promotion from a different perspective to show their efforts and get to know them from a closer look – Motivation is what they have in common.

People active in the Committee for ECOP are: Andreja Eberl, Monika Kis Szölgyémi, Mikael Daouphars, Monika Sonc, Alexandra Bartal, Camille Groos and Anja Gaertner.

Do you know the only person who ever got me singing in public?

Monika Sonc
Delegate for Slovenia
Member of Board of Directors of  ESOP

So, to be honest, I needed a strong coffee the next morning after a perfect dinner with Monika!

Let’s get together and meet each other!

If you have additional questions – feel free,

Co-Chair of Publication

Doris Haider introduces Monica Sonc

Monika - as a strong leader - you always promoted pharmacists working in the field of oncology successfully in your Country and all over Europe! What is your secret to implement Pharmaceutical Services in Cooperation with a multidisciplinary team?

In hospital pharmacies, which were primary intended to distribute drugs to the wards, we have many years strived to make the pharmacist recognized as an expert in the management of drugs. Specialization in clinical pharmacy and more new jobs in the pharmacy have made this possible. With continuous desire for enforcement of clinical pharmacy on the wards collaboration of pharmacists, doctors and nurses was achieved. Our role is highly appreciated in detecting interactions, side effects and acceptable drug combinations, as well as preparation of medicines and pharmacovigilance.

What is your main work involved in ECOP at the moment?

I always like to help with organizing events where pharmacist can exchange experiences and knowledge from practice! At the moment I try to ensure, that as many pharmacist as possible will be able to take part at the conference.

What kind of input do you think especially beginners in oncology can expect from ECOP?

Beginners will broaden their horizons of oncology pharmacy and will become familiar with the contents of oncology pharmacy in different countries. This knowledge is also very useful for finding new opportunities in oncology pharmacy

What do you like most about the mixture of topics chosen for ECOP?

I think that the program is very comprehensive and everyone can find useful content for themselves. The programs enables me as the head of pharmacy to identify new employment opportunities and new tasks that contribute to safe and effective use of drugs.

Do you need any support in your ECOP work how? I know somebody who would be very interested

Help is always welcome!  I highly appreciate teamwork: If anyone is willing to help in any way, please contact to me.!

Thanks Monika for your dedicated commitment in organisation of ECOP and sharing your thoughts with us!*

Doris Haider
Co-Chair of Publication

*The opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and are not necessarily reflective of those of the publisher.

Foto: istockfoto.com/Pawel Gaul