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Sweets in Hungary besides ECOP…

…were promised to me by Alexandra Bartal!

Dear Members,

Do you know Somlói galuska? – It is that delicious and sweet that one portion gives you the calories of a whole week….It is about walnut, rum rainsins, …

Alexandra Bartal from Hungary, member of the organisation Committee for ECOP. Her fellow workers are: Monika Kis Szölgyémi, Mikael Daouphars (chair scientific program committee), Monika Sonc, Camille Groos and Anja Gaertner.

Let’s get together and meet each other!

If you have additional questions – feel free,

Co-Chair of Publication

Doris Haider introduces Alexandra Bartal

Alexandra how does it feel that such a big congress like ECOP takes place in your home town?

I think Budapest is a great location for a European congress like this one. We are very glad about it and hope that participants will enjoy not only the scientific programme but also the sights and various aspects they can experience while they are here. Another advantage, mostly for visitors from distant locations, that one can discover East and Middle Europe easily from here. Our capital provides visitors with both cultural and leisure programmes. Budapest as a location is dear to congress organisers and I am certain that everyone will be satisfied with the city and the atmosphere.

Budapest has a lot of historic things but it is becoming a city of events and offers a lot to young people?

There is quite a history and an armada of museums telling you the story piece by piece. To give you an idea: Budapest became a global city after the 1873 unification of Buda and Pest, the two cities on each bank of river Danube. You should come and see!
I believe everyone can find something exciting or memorable. There are also many seasonal sights, festivals, and plenty of occasions to taste good wine or snaps (pálinka). Hungarian cuisine is unique and is worth trying.

And another more than important Device: How far away from the venue is shopping possibillity?

The venue, Európa Congress Centre is just a short walk away from a shopping mall (MoM Park). Visitors can access main attractions easily via the public transportation system. Váci utca, everyone’s favourite shopping street is in downtown, and takes about 20-30 minutes for one to get there.

What is your main work at the moment?

As a member of the organising committee my main work at the moment is to persuade more colleagues in the oncological field to come and gather with us at the first congress for oncology pharmacists and also to provide information about the host town, Budapest. I take the opportunity of different professional meetings to give information about ECOP and highlight advantages of participation. I also got in touch with webmasters and put advertisements on websites of professional associations.

Do you need support in which way?

I do need support from all my European colleagues, to come and meet in September. This is an outstanding opportunity. ESOP is now an ECCO member, a mark of high quality cancer science.
I hope everyone will take the chance to learn and use the knowledge in developing oncology pharmacy on a national level, and thus add to the struggles of making our profession more respected – something we often lack in this part of Europe.
I invite everyone to Budapest, to ECOP!

Thanks Alexandra for your dedicated commitment in organisation of ECOP and sharing your thoughts with us!*

Doris Haider
Co-Chair of Publication

*The opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and are not necessarily reflective of those of the publisher.

Foto: istockfoto.com/Pawel Gaul