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Did you ever scroll the ESOP Delegates Website?
So many people I never really had the chance of getting to know them.

Let’s get together and meet each other!

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Chair of Publication

Hi Mónika Kis Szölgyémi!

You are one Delegate for Hungary and member of the organisation Committee for ECOP. Your fellow workers are: Andreja Eberl, Mikael Daouphars (chair scientific program committee), Monika Sonc, Alexandra Bartal, Camille Groos and Anja Gaertner

Mónika how does it feel being able to represent your country at ECOP as host country?

It is always a great honour to host an international conference especially when it is the first in something – now the first which is not held in Hamburg (NZW). However I sincerely hope that our European colleagues will take this opportunity and will feel like home in our country.
I honestly think that the conference will prove highly successful not only because of the scientific programme but also for the excellent location.

What is your main work for ECOP at the moment?

We do not have the time to sit back and let others do the work. Promoting the conference and encouraging the Hungarian pharmacists to register to it is something which we should never stop doing these days. I am also particularly involved with the organising of the networking evening.

Do you need support – in which way?

Every European colleague should support us with their attendance to ECOP this September. All the other support in organising is coming from the enthusiastic members of the European and the local Hungarian organizing committee.

In which way does ECOP give you the possibility to bring scientific progress in your future work

Something that you should always do when you do want to evaluate your work is comparing it with what the others do. We are extremely happy to welcome pharmacists from all Europe Countries and also from Overseas with whom we can exchange ideas. With the parallel sessions – clinical and practical – and the great number of posters I am pretty sure that every one of us will find interesting and wide-ranging topics to consider in their future work. I also think that this conference will help to attract more devoted pharmacists to our job.

I haven’t been in Budapest for a long time, is there anything besides the congress venue where I could go out for networking?

I would suggest visiting a street which is only a few minutes walking distance from Leonardo Hotel – Ráday utca (Ráday Street). Ráday utca, found in the 9th district of Budapest, is one of the most youthful and most visited places of the capital. The intimate street which offers a treasury of leisure activities, cultural and gastronomic opportunities is worth visiting when you want to network with people before or after the conference. If you want to try a nice ice-cream or a selection of excellent cake remember to visit one of my favourite confectioners, Nándori Cukrászda in Ráday utca, near Bakáts Square.
 If you start your walk from this end of the street towards Kálvin Square you can decide whether to turn left and head towards Váci Street, the beautiful Central Market Hall, Liberty Bridge and Gellért Square or turn right and visit the National Museum.

Budapest awaits all of you!

Thanks Mónika for your dedicated commitment in organisation of ECOP and sharing your thoughts with us!*

Doris Haider
Chair of Publication

*The opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and are not necessarily reflective of those of the publisher.

Foto: istockfoto.com/Pawel Gaul