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Dear Members,

Did you ever scroll the ESOP Delegates Website?
So many people I never really had the chance of getting to know them.

Let’s get together and meet each other!

If you have additional questions – feel free

Chair of Publication

Anja Gärtner, Delegate for Germany

Anja Gärtner from Germany, member of the organisation Committee for ECOP. Her fellow workers are: Monika Kis Szölgyémi, Mikael Daouphars (chair scientific program committee), Monika Sonc, Camille Groos and Alexandra Bartal.

How many people from Germany do you think will attend ECOP (estimate) and why should more of them do?

Hm…At the moment I would expect around 30 participants from Germany. However, looking at the great number of pharmacists involved in the management of cytotoxic drugs in Germany I see the potential for many more participants!

How did you become involved in the organisation committee? Which experience do you bring into the group?

My first contact to ECOP was through the ESOP delegate meeting in Hamburg. The great atmosphere among colleagues from more than 20 European Countries was an impressing experience. As energetic persona pharmacist in oncology involved in preparation and clinical studies, I still have so many questions to ask. Now ECOP is a wonderful chance for exchange!

What is your main work involved in ECOP at the moment?

At the moment I am keeping in touch with the group of membership service in Germany to offer up to date information at our ESOP booth in Budapest. So please visit us at pour booth to discuss and make appointments for network meetings.

What do you personally expect from attending ECOP?

Well, personally I am always interested in the different points of view of my colleagues. Topics that we have little experience in or hardly question here in Germany may be handled totally differently across Europe. I am curious!

For ECOP PR a lot of things need to get handled like Information about the Budapest, Networking Evening etc., also with the help of social Media like the ESOP Blog (esoponcologypharmacist.wordpress.com) or the tradional Newsletter?
Do you enjoy the information you get at the moment – or do you need additional information?

The ESOP Blog is a great idea! I am very glad about it because it collects all information easily accessible in one spot. Finally people got the chance to exchange and to get involved. Just become a follower and you get information within seconds!

Do you need any support in your ECOP work – how? I know somebody who would be very interested…

Now that a great scientific and social program is lined up I wish for many open-minded, curious colleagues to make their way to Budapest.

Thanks Anja for your dedicated commitment in organisation of ECOP and sharing your thoughts with us!*

Doris Haider
Chair of Publication

*The opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and are not necessarily reflective of those of the publisher.

Foto: istockfoto.com/Pawel Gaul