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Dear ESOP-members!

In this newsletter we would like to present a current ESOP-project and a report to keep you updated on our activities and to give new impetus to your own daily work.

Second part of the ESOP Certificate Course
"Aseptic Working e-Training Program & Practice"

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the second part of the ESOP Certificate Course "Aseptic Working e-Training Program & Practice".
With your attendance at the first Part of the Program you are automatically registered to the next Part.

Safe the date:
Part II will take place at the 24.11.2015 20:00 CET


register online

As known, we will send you the login by email. When you open the email, you will find a link. Please click on it and connect directly Adobe Acrobat based e-learning software. You donít need extra software etc. You can see the speakers on-line; you can ask your question directly.

The course consists of 5 Parts. Four of them will be held via Internet, the last one, which includes workshops, will be hold at 3rd European Congress of Oncology Pharmacy (ECOP) in Dubrovnik/Croatia, 19th May 2016.

Only those who have participated in all four webinars and the practical workshop will get a certificate to become Inhouse-Trainer in Clean Working.

Therefore, we would appreciate the registration to the 3rd ECOP at the latest after the upcoming part II of the webinar.

Whether some of you were unable to attend the first part of the Program, there will be the opportunity to recapitulate it at the 3rd ECOP in Dubrovnik/Croatia, 19th May 2016.
Please confirm that your email address is correct, because the address to which this email is forwarded will be used for the Webinar Program.

You are not a member of ESOP, yet?
Please register up to the next Part of the program, so that still the E-Course will be available for free for you. Furthermore, you will have some other advantages like reduced prices for the 3rd ECOP Congress registration.

With kind regards
ESOP Membershipservice


Report from the VMA in Belgrad

Dear colleagues,

On 16th of October 2015 I was in Belgrade at the VMA (Military Medical Academy), where I participated in the meeting of hospital pharmacists from the Pharmaceutical Society of Serbia. This was the largest annual meeting of the pharmacists who are working in the field of oncology pharmacy in Serbia.

Professor Mirjana Antunović, director of the hospital pharmacy, presented chronologically acquiring knowledge and resources for the organization of the central preparation. Mirjana Boskovic introduced the new section of the central preparation of cytostatics including logistics and standards that have been adopted in Serbia for quality treatment of patients and the preparation of cytostatics.

I am pleased that we have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences between ESOP members. In Ljubljana, at the Institute of Oncology we have also laid the foundations for the establishment of one of the centers for the training of pharmacists coming from the former Yugoslavia, who are in the process of establishing the central preparation of cytostatics. Our former common language allows us to facilitate the communication. We are familiar with capabilities of pharmacies in the region. Our colleagues, Mirjana Boskovic and Marija Maric were in the training for two weeks in our center and gained a lot of knowledge about the implementation of new services in hospital pharmacy. In a very short time they managed to establish a new department and to adopt the  high standards of preparation of cytostatics in pharmacy. This achievement confirms the importance of the collaboration of pharmacists within the European Society of oncology pharmacy and demonstrates that united we stand, divided we fall.

I presented the computerization process of ordering, preparation and dispensing, monitoring of adverse drug reactions and ESOP’s project "yellow period" at the meeting. The computerization was also important task for the management of the VMA. In the future oncology pharmacists in Serbia will strive for the support at dispensing of the oral cytostatics.

I have kindly invited our colleagues from Serbia to join us at the ECOP3, which will take place in Dubrovnik next year. I believe that all activities associated with medicines intended for oncology patients should remain in the hands of pharmacists who are best qualified for the handling of oncology drugs.

Thanks to everyone.

Monika Sonc, MPharm, spec.

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