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  • ECCO and European Cancer Concord win European Health Award 2018 
  • ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit took ground-breaking decisions on Measurement of Quality Cancer Care, Integration of Cancer Care and Survivorship
  • Building the roadmap to outcomes-based cancer care
  • Measurement: a key to unlock higher quality cancer care?
  • ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit: Cancer Care Across Borders 
  • A New Era of Quality Cancer Care
  • ECCO endorsed event

ECCO and European Cancer Concord win European Health Award 2018

The European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) and the European Cancer Concord have won the prestigious 2018 European Health Award, awarded during Europe's biggest health policy conference, the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG). This award honours initiatives that help tackle some of Europe’s most pressing health challenges.

The award-winning project ‘The European Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights: A Catalyst for Change and an empowerment tool for cancer patients across Europe’ aims to empower cancer patients through the journey of disease - from prevention to early diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation, patient survivorship and end of life care. A key emphasis of the project has been the development of a 70:35 Vision, 70 per cent long term survival for all cancer patients across Europe by 2035.

“Our 70:35 Vision is built upon the pillars of cross border and interdisciplinary cooperation, sharing best practice and ensuring that research and innovation gets translated for the benefit of patients,” explained Professor Peter Selby, Professor of Cancer Medicine at the University of Leeds and President of ECC. “This is a superb example of how cooperative European activities that involve sharing best practice between countries can result in top class prize-winning initiatives.”  

More information here

ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit took ground-breaking decisions on Measurement of Quality Cancer Care, Integration of Cancer Care and Survivorship


Over 350 experts and leaders from across the cancer care stakeholder communities, met at the ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit during the Austrian EU Presidency in Vienna on 7-9 September to decide on how Europe can improve the ways by which quality of cancer care is measured, integration of cancer care is made reality; and how financial discrimination experienced by survivors of cancer can be alleviated. 

The three high level, time-based goals, passed as resolutions by the Summit were:

  • By 2023 an agreed set of core standards and evidence-based indicators (based on processes and patient outcomes) to measure the quality of all cancer services in European countries should be in place.
  • By 2025, all national cancer plans in Europe should contain ambitious and measurable goals and actions to improve the integration of primary care healthcare professionals and informal carers within multidisciplinary care to patients.
  • By 2025, in respect to accessing financial services*, the right of cancer survivors not to declare their cancer 10 years after the end of the active treatment** and 5 years if they had cancer under 18, should be codified across European countries.

The resolutions are carried forward by a set of defined actions to transpose them into practice towards their achievement. Virtual working groups will assist in developing and implementing the action plans, supported by reporting to, and guidance from, the ECCO Oncopolicy Committee (OPC) and Patient Advisory Committee (ECCO PAC). 

The resolutions and action plans are available here.

Presentations from the Summit are available here.

Building the roadmap to outcomes based cancer care

During the ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit, ECCO and the Collaboration for Oncology Data in Europe (CODE) launched a joint report “Understanding Pragmatic Outcome Measures in Oncology” The report reflects 25 interviews with stakeholders from the European oncology community including: patient representatives, clinicians and individuals from various oncologic professional bodies. The results identify a standard set of eight “pragmatic outcome measures” in cancer care that have value to both clinical teams and patients. These outcomes measures were derived from real-world data collected as part of routine care, and validated by leading clinicians and patient advocates.

Commenting on the findings, ECCO President Professor Philip Poortmans said: 

“Outcome measurement is seen by many within the oncology community as an exciting opportunity to have a more patient-centric approach to care, and to allow healthcare providers to make informed decisions based on patient current needs and historical research. However, we need to now move the discussion beyond simple expression of aspiration and into the practicalities of execution. The results of this research provide excellent insights for decision makers about the next steps in the journey towards comprehensive outcome measurement.” 

More information about the ECCO-CODE project here.

Measurement: a key to unlock higher quality cancer care?

In the Autumn edition of Cancer World magazine, the ECCO President Philip Poortmans discusses the importance of measurement in quality cancer care. ‘What gets measured gets managed’ is common advice, often attributed to the management theorist Peter Drucker. Producing systems for measurement enables us to, in theory, gain a much richer understanding about current performance of processes and systems, and to then pinpoint more effectively where improvement efforts are most required.

The measurement question has been much on my mind in the past 18 months at ECCO as we have reflected on how to turn the consensus vision of the ECCO Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care, into a tangible reality across Europe. 

Continue reading here.

ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit Cancer Care Across Borders

ECCO is pleased to announce that the ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit, with the theme of ‘European Cancer Care: Across Borders’, will take place in Brussels on 12-14 September 2019.  

The Summit will bring together worldwide leaders from cancer care, research, patient advocacy and public-private sectors in a unique multi-stakeholder forum. 

Reaching the 70:35 Vision for cancer – 70% long term survival for all cancer patients across Europe by 2035 – requires breaking down the borders of cancer care: between countries, professions, sectors and stakeholders.

Join us to chart how to make that happen sooner, and be part of the border-breaking community in cancer care!

A New Era of Quality Cancer Care

ECCO and ITN Productions have produced a current affairs-style programme exploring the quality of cancer care across Europe, the issues relating to survivorship and the current concerns about cancer care funding.

As the number of cancer cases increases and new treatments become available, ‘A New Era of Cancer Care’ brings to life the new ideas and innovations across the healthcare community.

More here.

ECCO Endorsed events

1-2 March 2019 | Salzburg, Austria

On behalf of Prof. Greil we take the liberty to draw your kind attention to the 3rd edition of our translational research meeting "Salzburg Breast Cancer Talk: Mastering translational Immuno-Oncology" from 01. - 02. March 2019 (Friday noon until Saturday noon) in Salzburg organized by the Salzburg Cancer Research Institute in cooperation with the Cancer Cluster Salzburg and AGMT.

The aim of this conference is an in depth discussion with international leaders focusing on tumor immunology, immunogenicity of breast cancer as well as on current and new strategies in immunotherapy for this disease. 

Read more here.

19-11 March 2019 | Lisbon, Portugal 

The European Multidisciplinary Colorectal Cancer Congress (EMCCC) is the European conference that truly provides a platform for in-depth multidisciplinary interaction among the various research areas involved. The Dutch Colorectal Cancer Group (DCCG) has taken the initiative for the EMCCC since 2001. The conference in 2019 builds upon eight previous successful multidisciplinary conferences on colorectal cancer which were held in the Netherlands, Germany and France. The EMCCC offers an intimate scientific/educational environment for more than 700 participants.

More here

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