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ESOP 365 - Vigilance and sustainability are our strengths

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QuapoS 6 - New release

ESOP Events 2018

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ECCO meeting on 4 May 2018 near Malpensa, Italy

Clean Working Workshop in Algier, April 2018

31 nationalities participated in March 2018 in the ESOP Delegate Meeting in Brussels

World Cancer Day 2018

In everlasting memory ...

Teresita Aqueveque
May 12th 1966 - October 13th 2017

"No matter how far the spirit goes, it will never go further than the heart”

The infinite sadness overwhelms us having to say this goodbye so sudden.
My dear Tere, as the Chapter of the oncology pharmacy practitioners of Chile we come to say goodbye, without first thanking you for everything you gave us. As a scientific delegate, you were a fundamental pillar in this organization, delivering your knowledge and the desire that we grow every day. Thus, you were on May 2016 at the 3rd European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy in Dubrovnik.
How could we forget your presence at the workshop of Oncology Pharmacists, held in June of this year, where we brought together 100 pharmacists from Arica to Punta Arenas and where you stood out in your labor of organizing in an enthusiastic and cheerful way, just as always. There´s no one that has been part of that group that doesn’t remember you with affection and I think that all of us who shared with you know the great professional you were. Your leaving represents a great loss to the big family that we are as Oncology Pharmacists.
Wherever you are, look at us.
Wherever you are, be with us.
Wherever you are, take care of us.
On this side, you will never stop being… in each reunion, in each workshop, in each activity that we make your memory will be with us. You are a being of light… we are blessed to have known you.

“After all, death it´s just a sign that there was life”

11th Masterclass of Oncology Pharmacy and the 3rd ESOP-ESO Advanced Masterclass

The participants of the 11th Masterclass of Oncology Pharmacy and the 3rd ESOP-ESO Advanced Masterclass are greeting our members.

ESOP delegate meeting

Unity in diversity. 60 ESOP delegates of 36 countries in front of the ESOP booth at the ECC 2017 in Amsterdam.

World Cancer day 2017

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ESOP delegate meeting June 2016

45 ESOP and Delegates from 23 different countries came together to discuss and decide the future of the ESOP at the annual Delegate Meeting at the ECOP 2016 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

World Cancer day 2016:

Cancer patients can be assured of support by oncology pharmacists.

The European Society for Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) was founded in 2000 and is acting as member of the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO).

Our members are involved in many different ways in prevention of cancer, therapy and follow-up care, administration of drugs, management of side effects and interactions, clinical research, and the provision of further training and continuing education for pharmacists joining the profession. All these activities are guided by the needs of the patient and embedded in optimum all-round pharmaceutical care and counseling for people with cancer, regardless of the organisational structure in which our members work.

We unreservedly reject unfair and unlawful practices serving purely commercial interests which disregard both the interests of the patient and the professional ethics of the pharmacist. Foundation of our knowledge is based on evidence based medicine together with our ethical commitment to the principle of patient wellbeing it makes strong input in improvement of treatment efficiency in oncology patient.

The political challenge here is to improve interprofessional relationships in the health service and draw regularly on the expertise of oncology pharmacists to ensure that patients receive the best possible advice and that the safety of drugs used in therapy meets the highest standards. Cancer outpatients in particular require comprehensive care on a regional basis along with counseling on the use of drugs and possible problems that may arise in conjunction with their medication. The European funding program to improve adherence in oncology, that is supported by the ESOP, is an important milestone in the therapeutic support of patients by pharmacists.

We believe it is essential to improve patient compliance and adherence, drug and therapy security, and personal pharmaceutical care in order to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients. For the sake of the patient, it is crucial to involve multidisciplinary team to work together in the field of oncology and to do it in close contact with the patient.

Just at the world cancer day, it is particularly important to us, to call our members to step up efforts in order to meet our goal.

Cancer patients must have the right, wherever they live in this world, to get the best possible healthcare service.

The board of directors of ESOP

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ESOP delegate meeting January 2016

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